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Where seniors can do more of what they love

Centrally located in Winston-Salem, NC, near the original home of North Carolina's Moravian settlers, Salemtowne is a nonprofit life plan community (also known as a continuing care retirement community) that has provided the highest standards and options of care for seniors since our inception in 1972.

Salemtowne features a tasteful array of customizable residences on a flourishing 120+ acres— including convenient senior living apartments located near the hub of our campus activities, retirement cottages in three distinct picturesque neighborhoods, and two new buildings of spacious villas.

Within this community, residents cultivate their lives creating the spirit of family. Residents live life on their own terms - free from worry and supported by the presence and care of professional and capable staff.


The History of Salemtowne

Building on the strength of our Moravian roots

Our Story


Salemtowne can trace its roots back to 1887, when the women of the Dorcas Circle, a local Moravian service league comprised of women from all denominations across the town of Salem, were brought together through kindness and compassion. With concern for their fellow citizens, they established Salem Home that provided shelter and comfort to destitute, sick and aged women.

By the tireless efforts of these women, a permanent home on the northeast corner of Main and Walnut Streets was built in 1889. As it would throughout its history, Salem Home relied on the generosity of the service leagues, gifts from churches - Moravian and other denominations, friends and private donors. It was this sense of belonging to a community that made the Salem Home special. "We pride ourselves on being a Home, not a hospital or institution – we feel we are unique in this," said Emma Fries Bahnson, leader of the Dorcas Circle.

Today, over 130 years later, while Salemtowne’s campus has grown to over 120 acres, that feeling of belonging and the community that continues to develop with each new arrival is what most attracts residents to make Salemtowne their home.

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The Salem Home closes amidst changes in government regulations and the associated costs. From that point, money raised was put aside and the development of a future provincial home begins.


The Moravian Home, Inc. opened on December 4 to both male and female residents on land that had been part of the original die Wachau tract (Wachovia Tract) that Moravians first settled on. There were 40 Home for the Aged rooms and 10 Infirmary rooms.


Nursing Care unit opened with 60 beds. Addition to original building brings total of 82 Home for the Aged rooms.


22 residential living cottages were the first built in Wachovia Village.


24 nursing beds added to the Health Care Center bringing the total to 84 altogether.


North Annex Building (now Bahnson Hall) opened with 97 studio apartments.


Became licensed as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).


Official name of the community changes to Salemtowne.


Salemtowne celebrates 20 years of service to the community.


31 Salem Village cottages are completed.


Extensive multi-year expansion project begins with renovation of Dorcas Dining Room.


Bethabara Place brings 20 new cottages to campus.
Phillips Health Care Center opens with 84 beds.


Driscoll Apartment Building opens with 59 new apartments. Community Center with Smith Saal, Chapel, Library, Gift Shop, and staff offices are completed.

Salemtowne celebrates 30 years.


Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation donates 58 acres with residence adjacent to Salemtowne campus.


Buckalew walking trail and fishing/recreation area installed on Babcock Campus. The Art studio, guest rooms, Vogler and Community Center lobbies are renovated.

Salemtowne celebrates 40 years.


Courtyard lounge opens.


Salemtowne expands amenities with new game room and meeting space and undertakes renovations in dining room, living room and fitness center.

Launched Navigation by Salemtowne, continuing care at home program.


Babcock House refurbished for Resident Clubhouse.


Babcock Health Care Center completed with 120 beds:
40 transitional rehabilitation private rooms
3 long-term households with 20 rooms each
Assisted Living memory care household.


Salemtowne Home Care launched.


The Woodlands Villas featuring two buildings with open floor plans and stunning views opens adding 56 residences to the community.

Bistro Twenty-six will open adding another convenient amenity to the campus.


120+ acre campus • 73 Cottages • 56 Villas • 95 Apartments • 44 Assisted Living
20 Memory Care Assisted Living • 40 Transitional Rehabilitation • 60 Long-term care


Salemtowne is a nonprofit Life Plan Community (continuing care retirement community) that promotes the well-being of its residents by providing a caring environment. Salemtowne is an ecumenical community that reflects the Moravian values of individual respect, hospitality, life-long learning, and love of the arts.


Salemtowne is a retirement community of excellence that fosters independence, security, wellness, and the growth of its residents to their full potential. Salemtowne supports older people and caregivers in the broader community through educational and community activities.


Salemtowne's primary values are respect, integrity, and caring. These values guide decision making, program development, resources, and operations. We seek to live our values every day by:

  • Treating each resident as a valued individual and with dignity, regardless of age or condition.
  • Creating a home-like environment which is as non-institutional as possible and which promotes quality of life, security, and wellness.
  • Engaging in continuing education and evaluation to develop team members, improve services, and live up to our mission.
  • Striving to be a great place to work which gives team members a sense of achievement and recognition.
  • Providing leadership in the field of care for the aging, thus contributing to improved services for seniors in our society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for a list of commonly asked questions and answers.
  • What is a CCRC or Life Plan Community?

    In general, Continuing Care Retirement Communities also known as Life Plan Communities provide a continuum of care to older adults under a contract for the life of an individual or for a period longer than one year, in exchange for an entrance fee and/or periodic fees. Salemtowne's full menu of services on campus include independent living cottages, apartments and villas, physician services, rehabilitation services, assisted living, short-term and long-term skilled nursing, as well as memory care residences. Salemtowne is a CCRC designed to help ensure that retirement is rewarding, offering a combination of comprehensive wellness programs, services and amenities — all with predictable monthly costs.

  • What are the fees associated with Salemtowne?

    Residents pay a one-time entrance fee and begin paying a monthly fee upon moving into the community. The entrance fee entitles the applicant to residency at Salemtowne (independent living residents only), together with the use, enjoyment and benefits of the common areas, amenities, services and programs. There is an additional one-time entrance fee for a second person occupying a residence.

    The entrance fee also assures the resident priority access to the on-campus Babcock Health Care Center and the on-campus Masten Assisted Living Center should care be needed, either on a temporary or long-term basis. Residents who have paid an entrance fee are entitled to a discounted rate for assisted living and skilled nursing care when the need arises.

  • What’s included in the monthly fee?

    The monthly fee includes such items as utilities (except phone), cable television, internet services, a flexible dining program, maintenance, groundskeeping, security, housekeeping, and recycling. It also includes use of the fitness center/pool, on-campus transportation shuttle, and scheduled medical transportation. There is an additional fee for a second person occupying a residence. The monthly fee for each Salemtowne residence varies according to the size of the accommodations and services selected.

  • Are any of the fees associated with Salemtowne tax deductible?

    Yes. A portion of the entrance fee can be used as a one-time medical tax deduction in the year paid. A portion of the monthly fee is also considered a medical tax deduction. Residents receive this information annually from Salemtowne to provide to their tax advisor.

  • What type of contract does Salemtowne offer?

    Salemtowne offers a modified contract (type B). The NC Department of Insurance defines a Type B or a modified contract as one that provides housing, residential services, and a specified amount of health-related services in exchange for an entrance fee and a monthly fee. Health related services are provided at a subsidized rate. Salemtowne offers a discounted rate in the Babcock Health Care Center and the Masten Assisted Living for a lifetime for all residents who have paid an entrance fee.

  • When should I make a move?

    Making a move at any time in your life requires careful thought and consideration. We suggest that you work with one of our sales counselors to make a plan for your future. We strongly advocate that you move to Salemtowne when you are able to physically and mentally enjoy all that our thriving campus has to offer.

  • Are pets welcome?

    We are a pet friendly community allowing two pets per residence. We do require a non-refundable pet fee per pet.

  • May I personalize my residence to my own preferences?

    Yes. Residents take pride in furnishing and decorating their new homes to reflect their tastes. Salemtowne also offers a nice selection of custom upgrades. With approval of management and for an additional charge, you can add special features such as built-in storage or other individual selections to customize your home.

  • Does Salemtowne have a wellness program?

    Salemtowne is a next-generation community for older adults who want to live life to the fullest through lifestyle choices and purposeful living. That's why we created onPointe - wellness for life, powered by Masterpiece Living, a research-based program to help older adults live longer, healthier, happier lives.

    Salemtowne promotes a person-centered approach to successful aging designed to stimulate the social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual pursuits of senior living through an abundance of offerings on our 120+ acre campus.

  • Do you offer transportation?

    Yes. We offer an on-campus transportation shuttle as well as transportation for local outings and shopping at no cost to residents. A limited number of scheduled medical transportation trips is also provided for residents at no extra cost.

  • Do residents have a voice at Salemtowne?

    Yes. One way to contribute your voice to the community would be to join the Resident Council whose purpose is to share residents’ interests and concerns with administration. In addition, they facilitate communications and make recommendations to the administration. Another way to participate in our organization is through one of the two resident seats on our Board of Trustees.

  • Who owns or manages Salemtowne?

    We are a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide aging adult services which create an experience that exceeds the needs of an evolving and diverse population of older adults in a continuing care retirement community governed by a Board of Trustees.

  • Is there a wait list for residency?

    Our wait list is called the Towne Club. The deposit to become a member is $1,000 and it will be credited in full toward your Entrance Fee at the time you select your residence. The Towne Club is a unique opportunity to experience the Salemtowne lifestyle while you wait for your preferred residence to become available. Members are welcome to use the Fitness Center, attend select programs and opportunities provided Salemtowne residents as well as enjoying meals in one of our two dining venues.

  • How do I become a resident?

    Once a residence of your choice becomes available, a deposit equal to 10% of the entrance fee reserves your new home. At that time, you will be asked to provide financial and health related information. Following a residency review, your move-in date can be confirmed. The balance of your entry fee is due upon move-in.

  • What is the next step if I want to learn more?

    Plan a visit to tour our wonderful campus, meet our residents, and sample our delicious cuisine. One of our Sales Counselors will be pleased to make an appointment to assist you in further exploring all the possibilities that can benefit you at Salemtowne. They can be reached at 336-714-2157 or marketing@salemtowne.org.

Resident Council

The Resident Council offers an excellent opportunity for involvement in community life. The Resident Council shares residents' interests and concerns with administration, facilitates communications, makes recommendations to the administration, and participates in providing for the general welfare and enjoyment of residents in the community. Assisted Living and Health Care residents also have active resident councils. Residents can also serve on subcommittees of the Resident Council, such as the fitness, gift shop, furnishings, or garden. For more information, please click the button below.

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Discovering Winston-Salem

North Carolina

Winston-Salem is conveniently and centrally located in the Southeast U.S. and within the state of North Carolina. We are located just more than an hour north of Charlotte and less than two hours from Raleigh.

Winston-Salem has a history of making history. We are a place where makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs are welcomed, inspired, and have thrived since day one. Known as The City of Arts and Innovation, Winston-Salem traces its roots back to 1753 when the first Moravians in North Carolina settled on 100,000 acres known as the Wachovia Tract. These German-speaking Protestants established the first colonial town in the Carolina Piedmont in an area known today as Historic Bethabara Park. The Moravians established Salem, which means "peace” in 1766. Salem served as a trading center founded to house professional Moravian craftsmen, creating a haven for entrepreneurs. Within a few years, the town included a pottery, tannery, brickyard, flour mill, bakery, slaughterhouse, brewery, iron works and cloth, and furniture makers.

Twentieth-century businesses, such as R. J. Reynolds Tobacco and the Hanes companies, also shaped Winston-Salem by bringing remarkable wealth to the city and endowing it with an impressive list of institutions and foundations. Winston-Salem’s spirit of entrepreneurship continues to thrive as the local economy embraces new industries including finance, medicine, and technology.

Winston-Salem has grown to be a community known for its diversity, commitment to the arts, excellence in healthcare research and technology, and opportunities for specialized and advanced education.

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